Nage’s Matchup Strategies: Dizzy

(source: – translator’s notes at the bottom)

Hi, it’s Nage.

I’m still managing to do these regular updates…!

This isn’t a character I have a lot of experience fighting against, but I’ll write what little I can.

This time, it’s Dizzy!

~ Fighting Dizzy ~


  • Have a “pursuit” mindset.

Because Dizzy’s options open up once she has something on the screen, it’s best to try and make it difficult for her to summon risk-free. If your character has long range, you can try to interrupt the startup directly with an attack, and if you’re more of a close-range character try to think about your options for closing the gap. However, don’t get tricked into thinking she’ll always do airdash back->summon; airdash back->airdash forward, ice spike YRC, and the attack-absorbing property of fish can all punish reckless approaches, so be careful.

  • Dizzy’s hitboxes

Dizzy has low HP and is easily stunned, but her hitboxes are strong if she’s able to get them out, both in the air and on the ground. When thinking about specific attacks (like falling j.H, airdash j.P, 2S, 6P, 2D, 5H etc.), I feel it’s best to think in concrete terms about which of your attacks beat them and what you want to do if you manage to avoid them. It seems like my attacks lose unexpectedly when things turn into a scramble.


Basic strategy:

First and foremost, by maintaining that “pursuit” mindset, you restrict the times where Dizzy can summon. Even so, Dizzy is really good at retreating, and if you run in without thinking you open yourself up to her forward airdash, so don’t force your way in too much.

When fighting at long range, my main thought is “block in the air as much as possible” so I don’t give Dizzy easy opportunities to do airdash high/low mixups on my guard. However, if you do this too much, she can use it as an opportunity to anti-air you.


I look for the following things to cut back on my risk in the neutral game:

  • When you’re trapped by D fish (shield fish), because the fish only attacks if it’s struck, you can try to dash or use an attack that goes underneath the fish to hit Dizzy directly.
  • Try to instant block ice spears (421S) in the air, but be careful of getting anti-aired by 4S.
  • Bubbles do nothing if Dizzy or one of her summons doesn’t pop them with an attack, so there are times where you can run at her without fear while they’re out. Just be aware that the fire bubble explodes with a different timing. (The explosions can be hard to see, so try to rely on watching Dizzy herself to determine if she’s popping them or not.)

Bubbles and D fish in particular really open up Dizzy’s options. I’m satisfied if I can hit her or make her block before she can pop the bubble; this is what I like to focus on whenever possible.


Specific things to look for:

  • Ice spike YRC

Since it’s hard to deal with this move directly, if you can avoid it or block it, I’d say that’s good enough. Afterwards, Dizzy can go for a throw/strike mixup, but it’s not that bad compared to her high/low mixups, so just take it and accept that at least she had to spend 25 meter.

  • D fish

If your character has a multi-hit projectile, you can use it to activate the shield fish intentionally; remember you can always try to avoid the fish by going in.


Other points:

  • There are a lot of opportunities for you to burst when pushed into the corner. Faust can gold burst by crawling under the laser fish with 3, which usually works unless they know what I’m doing. Otherwise, you can also burst the 6H during the corner combo. Be careful bursting her dust combo in the corner, and remember that she can bait bursts with 2P.
  • Single blitz is often very effective if she keeps doing ice spear (421S) okizeme.
  • When dealing with her corner okizeme, consider things like holding up, backdash, or blitz that can make it difficult for her to convert; it’s hard for her to adjust her combo in response to these options. To be honest, holding the mixup and just blocking is something I only do as a last resort. (If I mess up and she does a bunch of damage into another mixup anyway, I’ll start going back to relying on blocking and using meter for reversals.)
  • Dizzy will often try to make way for other summons by using her P bubble or her ice spear. When she does P bubble, see if you can get in an airdash attack or make her block. (Make sure you’re ready to go in so you don’t miss this situation.)
  • My friend who plays Dizzy says that you can just crouch guard under fire spears (421H). (It seems like some characters don’t get hit by the second explosions, or something.)


That’s all!

To deal with corner okizeme, just try to be a hard target to pin down. Because nothing really jumped out at me to talk about first, this is how the article turned out.


Well, until next time.


(tl: thanks to everyone who helped in this very sloppy and rough translation; any mistakes are my own. i made some assumptions in the writing of this article that may not be correct, so if you find anything that is incorrect, please contact me @tenpai_miko and i will correct it as soon as possible. a lot of this was for my own practice as well. thanks for reading!!)

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