bursting vs dizzy

Generally good places to burst

  • Any ground-to-ground gatling besides 5P->2P and 2P->2P. None of Dizzy’s other gatlings will ever steal your burst unless you were too far away, so outside of tense set-end situations against greedy players, you should really never be too afraid to burst most ground strings. Dizzy has to throw these combos away to take your burst, so don’t be afraid! If you absolutely need safety, she can do nothing to steal your burst after 5H, 2D, or 6P; just make sure you’re close enough.
  • Basically every air-to-air juggle. If you were not aware, Dizzy j.PP, j.KP, and j.SP do not recover fast enough to block your burst. As long as you are mindful of her jump cancel and her air momentum (never burst someone that’s falling or drifting away), you can consistently burst her air combos if desired. You can even burst her if you’re high above her since her j.D significantly extends her hurtbox vertically.
  • Her bread and butter ice spike RRC combo with fire dagger and fire bubble is safe to burst towards the beginning. This is the combo where she airdashes after you and does a j.H into fire bubble. You can freely burst almost any part of this combo before she detonates the fire bubble – the safest place is after the first j.H that she cancels into the bubble, but really anywhere should be fine. In general, if she ever has to airdash in a combo, you can freely burst.
  • Immediately after 5D->6. This is universal, but it’s good to keep in mind, as Dizzy often combos into her 5D in the corner.

Generally bad places to burst without thinking

  • Do not burst 2H. Dizzy has a trivially easy OS to block your burst if you burst 2H(1). To make things worse, Dizzy will almost always do 236H after 2H(2), and you will usually be too far away for your burst to hit. There are some combos and spacings where your burst might connect after 2H(2), but in general, you should avoid bursting this normal if at all possible. Since 2H is her normal ender for crouching combos, this is even more of a reason to consider bursting earlier ‘unsafe’ normals like c.S, as once she reaches 2H(1) her big damage is guaranteed.
  • Airdash strings are generally burst-safeIf you burst late in the airdash string, you can sometimes force her to make a read to punish your burst on landing; however, it can be hard to predict exactly when Dizzy will land, and in general you should save your burst for the follow-up ground combo.
  • Throw combos. Most Dizzy players will use 2P->2P after throw, which is burst safe, and the follow-up 4S is often spaced far enough for burst to whiff. To make things worse, follow-ups like 2P->4S will usually beat a burst done on the second hit after throw. Make sure you thoroughly understand what she plans on doing after throw before you go for a burst; this is a surprisingly common way we take your burst, and it’s not usually worth it.
  • Blindly bursting 4S juggles. You should be very careful bursting 4S, especially immediately bursting it, since you’ll often be juggled too high or far away for Dizzy to get hit. You may find it advantageous to burst the 3rd or 4th hit on occasion, as Dizzy has to commit to a laggy ice spike to knock down from 4S, and although your burst will usually whiff, if she was planning on using ice spike on the last hit, you can possibly score a juicy punish. Especially in the corner, however, Dizzy can choose to ice spike earlier, and at some heights where it won’t knock down she may choose other options, so you should generally only burst if you’re confident you are close enough or low enough to hit her.
  • f.S, 5H, or 2D at long range. While these normals are fine to burst up close, Dizzy’s 2D can actually low-profile bursts at long range, and ice spike does not extend her hurtbox forward at all (which may not be a bad thing – see the note at the end).
  • Bursting high on the screen to avoid getting hit by 6[H] or 6H is usually bad. You can occasionally get a punish off of Dizzy players doing certain metered juggle combos if you burst on the moon and they airball 6[H], but this isn’t recommended. By simply releasing H on reaction to your burst, she can usually punish you easily. 6H on its own isn’t a terrible burst point if she’s using to pick up a juggle midscreen, but be aware that it does not extend her hurtbox vertically, so make sure you’re not bursting too high above her head.

A note on bursting ice spike

  • If you burst the normal immediately preceding ice spike and are far enough away that you don’t hit Dizzy, you actually recover seven frames faster than she does! This means that characters with very fast long-range moves like Slayer’s Dead on Time and Baiken’s Tsurane Zanzuwatashi can punish Dizzy by using their own burst, similar to how Sol can be punished for doing Grand Viper. Even if you cannot get a true punish, the frame advantage and positioning may make this a worthwhile gamble for slow characters like Leo and Potemkin to consider, since it can be frustrating trying to close in on Dizzy after using a normal blue burst. Just remember that you’ll be punished severely if she did anything but ice spike! You should generally avoid doing this if you’re being juggled, as bursting in the air has slightly more recovery.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll try to write more in the future.


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